Creating a Fees Invoice for Your Commission ✪

If your songwriter is on an administration deal, for tax purposes, you may require your songwriter to invoice you for the total revenue prior to any commission taken, and subsequently for you to invoice your songwriter for the commission you are taking. In this article, we will discuss how you can automate such a scenario on Curve.

This feature is available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the Self-Billing add-on ✪

For more information on how to add tax to these invoices, we refer to our " Add Tax to your Artist's Royalties" and "Add Tax to your Commission" articles.


Select a Distribution Statement Design in Your Settings

If you wish to create a Fees Invoice in combination with a Self-Bill Invoice, a Distribution Statement Design is required. This will add the Commission as a separate transaction on the Statement Of Account, and make sure the Self-Bill Invoice amount is based on the songwriter's total income before your commission is taken.

You can select a Distribution Statement Design in your Settings, to be applied as a default to all of your Contracts, as per the example below. Or you can select a Distribution Statement Design only for a select group of Contracts using Companies.


Enable Generate Fees Invoice & Generate Self-Bill Invoice in the Contracts

Enabling  Generate Self-Bill Invoice will cause Curve to create an invoice on your artist's behalf, whereas enabling  Generate Fees Invoice will subsequently make sure you automatically create an invoice for your commission or distribution fee.

Example of a Self-Bill & Fees Invoice

The result is a Self-Bill and Fees Invoice to be created per statement. In the below example, John Lennon has a total revenue of £633,932.41, and we take a 10% commission of £63,393.24. The result is a payment due to John Lennon for a total of £570,539.27.

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