Secure Your Account With Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication is a login method in which you are only granted access to your Curve client after successfully presenting a confirmation code.


Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for Your User

To enable MFA, you can go to Settings > General. On the Overview tab, there is a designated area where you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication for your User.

You will select one of the below two options. For the highest level of security we advise the Authenticator App option.

  • Email - A confirmation code will be sent to your email address.
  • Authenticator App - When selecting this option, a QR code will appear which you can scan with an Authenticator App on your smartphone. We recommend the Google Authenticator App which is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Using Multi-Factor Authentication to Log in to Curve

The next time you log in to Curve, you will be asked to provide a Token. This token would have been sent to you via email or will be available in your Authenticator App, depending on which option you have selected in the first step.

When copying this token into your login page, you will be granted access to your Curve client. Via the email option, the token used to log in will be a unique and different code each time you log in to Curve. The token can only be used once and will expire shortly after the email is sent. Via the Authenticator App option, a new code will regenerate every few seconds.

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