An Introduction to Your Curve Creators Portal

Curve is an online platform used by record labels, distributors & publishers to manage their royalty accounting process. Curve For Creators is the artist & songwriter facing portal built by Curve, making sure that once royalties are processed, they are delivered to artists & songwriters in the most inviting & transparent way. Via the Creator portal, you are able to view your latest royalty statements and analyse your latest royalty data.

View Your Latest Royalty Statements

When logging in to your portal, the dashboard will list your latest royalty statements. If you receive royalty statements from multiple labels or publishers via the Curve platform, you can swap between labels/publishers via the client dropdown function.

When entering your latest statement, you will be welcomed by a summary of your royalty data in this statement. The Opening Balance figure may specify any unpaid balances or unrecouped costs or advances. The Net Revenue figure will display what you have earned in this statement. The Closing Balance figure specifies the total that is currently due to you. How and when you are paid this balance will depend on your label or publisher's payment policies.

Scrolling further down, you are provided a breakdown of your revenue by sale type, territory and source, along with a breakdown of your top earning catalogue.

Furthermore, you can download your statement in a PDF format. This will once more give you a quick breakdown of your royalty data, but may also hold helpful information such as payment information and a help email address. Additionally, you can download all of your royalty data in a csv format, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel, for those who love to dive deep into their royalty data. Which type of file you are able to download depends on the settings your label or publisher have provided. A breakdown of the different file types and how to read them can be found here.

Analyse Your Royalty Data

Via your Data > Analytics page, you can generate visual your royalty data. This can help visualize trends in your data, indicate the distribution of revenue across various metrics and point out any outliers with the immediacy of a pleasing pie chart, bar graph, or list. More information on how to use your Analytics page can be found here.

Via your Data > Reports page, you are able to export this royalty data in a csv format. You have the flexibility to pinpoint just those data fields that are relevant to you. Think of it as your pivot table in the sky, where you can slice and interrogate your revenue data. More information on how to use your Reports page can be found here.

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