Why does Curve not accept the password I am creating?

If Curve is not accepting your password, it means your username is incorrect or your password is not meeting the criteria.

Your username is the email address with which you were invited to the Curve portal. This email address will be the same address your invitation was sent to.

You can reset your password by entering your email address here: https://app.curveroyaltysystems.com/reset/send_email. If you don't receive a reset password email, please make sure to check your inbox's spam folder.

There are five minimum requirements for your password on Curve, so make sure you don't miss one of them.

  • Minimum eight characters (xxxxxxxx...)
  • At least one uppercase letter (A B C D ...)
  • At least one lowercase letter (a b c d ...)
  • At least one number (1 2 3 4 ...)
  • At least one symbol (, ? ; . / @ " % £ ...)
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