Using Catalogue Groups to Apply Different Royalty Rates for Different Catalogue

Do you need to pay your songwriter one royalty rate for one part of their catalogue, and a different royalty rate for another part of their catalogue? Catalogue Groups are your answer.

Catalogue Groups can be used to group Works together & apply specific royalty rate to revenue associated within this group, all within the same Contract. There are three steps you will need to walk through to set up your Catalogue Groups and apply the different royalty rates.

Create the Catalogue Group in Your Settings

To create your catalogue group, go to your Settings directory and select the General page. On the Configuration tab, there is a Catalogue Group area where you can remove and add Catalogue Groups as you please. You can also bulk import your Catalogue Groups by using the Import button at the top of the page and selecting Catalogue Groups as the Type. You should enter one Catalogue Group per row.


Add Catalogue to Your Catalogue Group

In this step, you will specify which Works belong to this Catalogue Group. All Works have a Catalogue Group area; where you can add as many Catalogue Groups as required.


Specify the Royalty Rate per Catalogue Group in Your Contract

In your Contract, you can now specify the royalty rate(s) for your Catalogue Group(s). In our example below, all the revenue for a Work part of Back Catalogue will be paid an 80% royalty. All the revenue for a Work in Front Catalogue will be paid a 90% royalty.

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