Categorising Your Payees or Contracts

You have the ability to categorise Payees & Contracts on Curve. This does not affect the royalty accounting process, but may be helpful to organise your Contracts or Payees for internal use. Perhaps you'd want to organise your Payees as per their preferred payment method? Or you may want to organise your Contracts per artist tier? You have the flexibility to add your own Categories to Curve via your Settings.


Create the Categories

To create your Payee or Contract Categories, go to Settings > General > Configuration. In the Payee Categories or Contract Categories area respectively, you can create your own Categories.


Assign the Categories to Your Payees or Contracts

Now that you have your Categories, you can assign these to your Payees or Contracts. You can add these either via the Interface; or by exporting your Payees or Contracts in their Excel template, adding the Categories in the respective Category columns, and reuploading this template back to Curve.

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