Customising Your Channels, Configurations & Sources ✪

Your Channels, Configurations and Sources form the building blocks of your data. How you populate these lists will decide how you can break down your income in your analytics and how you can apply custom royalty rates to particular income type. This is an important step when configuring your Curve client. So if you have royalty rates differing by formats or sources of revenue, you'll need to be sure to include them in this area.

This feature is available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the Configurations add-on ✪

We provide you with a default set of configurations, but you are free to adjust these as you please. The main things to consider are

  1. What level of detail is provided in your statements? - The level of detail for your royalty lines that you can store on your database will largely depend on the level of detail that is provided to you in your statements. If the income files you receive from your society or sub-publisher don't break down Online revenue in a separate Download or Stream configuration, then you will not have enough detail to break your digital revenue down as such on your own database. In such an instance, you may opt to remove the Stream & Download configurations and replace them with one simple configuration named Online.
  2. What level of detail do you require to calculate your royalties? - If you account a different royalty rate to your songwriters dependent on a variety of income types, then you will need these formats broken down in your configurations. The variables you select here will form the building blocks of the terms in your Contracts.
  3. What level of detail do you wish to have for analytical purposes? - Even if you don't need particular configurations for your contract terms, you may still wish to breakdown your income across a variety of configurations to provide an interesting level of detail in your analytics.

Below, we give a breakdown of all the possible income configurations that you can customise, and how they are generally used.

Channels – This describes the over-arching consumption model: such as Performance, Mechanical, Sync and Print.

Configurations – These are the formats such as Radio, Television, Streaming, Download, Live etc.

Sources – Using Sources you can set different rates in your contract terms depending on where the income is generated. You don't need to create a Source for every society or sub-publisher you receive revenue from, you are only required to create those Sources that you wish to account a unique royalty rate for.

You can add Channels, Configurations and Sources one by one in the Configurations screen, or use the Import button at the top of the page to add these to your Settings in bulk.

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