Using a Skip Row Calculation to Ignore Total Rows or 0 Value Lines

You may find yourself uploading an income file which holds a total row at the bottom of the statement, and find Curve importing this line as an invalid row. Deleting this line from your database is a short term solution, but even better, you can write a Calculation in your Template that tells Curve to ignore this Total Row at the moment you upload your sales file. In this article, we will discuss how to write such a Calculation.

You can add this Skip Row rule via the Calculation tab of your Template. First, you will need to specify under which circumstances you wish Curve to ignore the royalty line. In our below example, the Total Row would be specified in the statement by the word Total in the first column of our sales file. But it's very likely that your sales file has a different format and therefore requires a unique condition to trigger Curve when to skip the royalty line. In the Output Field, you then select the value Skip Row. You're essentially telling Curve that if your conditions are met, then it can ignore this royalty line in the import.

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