Using Linked Contracts to Automatically Attach Contracts to Works

Whenever you create a Work in your catalogue, you will need to tell Curve which Contracts participate in the income of this Work and with which share. Manually assigning the Contracts and calculating their participation rates is one option. Or, you can use our Linked Contract functionality and let Curve handle this process automatically.

When creating Composers for your controlled songwriters, you will have the option to link a Contract to this Composer. Whenever you create a Work and its IP Chain, Curve will automatically work out amongst which Contract this income should be divided, under the condition that the Owned Performance is consistently split between Composers and Publishers across the IP Chain. Essentially, whenever this Composer earns income, this income will automatically be funneled to the Linked Contract.

Please note, the Linked Contract functionality can only work accurately if the controlled Performance is split consistently between publishers and composers in the IP Chain.

For example, the below scenario should not be used in combination with the Linked Contract functionality. The performance is split 50/50 between publisher and composer for Daniela Growl and Anton Clemens, but at 80/20 for Rachel Oneil. The current Linked Contract functionality can not adequately apply the participation rates for these scenarios, and the Contracts should be added manually.

We are working towards an update where the Linked Contract functionality will be able to handle these scenarios.


Linking the Contract

To link a Contract to your Composer, go into your Composer's page and assign a Contract via the Linked Contracts area.


Creating the IP Chain in Your Work

When creating the IP Chain in your Work; based on the controlled Composers, their writers share, and their linked Contract; Curve can work out which Contracts to assign to this Work and at which Participation Rate.

As you are creating or updating your IP Chain, you will notice the attached Contracts on the Rights tab of your Work will automatically update.

Please note that the Contracts will only automatically be assigned when the IP Chain is created manually via the interface. If you create Works via an Excel or CWR import, the linked Contracts will not automatically be assigned to the Works. In such a scenario, you will want to use the "Flush Contracts To Works" tool. More info on this below.

Flush Contracts To Works

Using the Bulk Update tool on the Works page, you can automatically update a select or all works on your client and assign the Linked Contracts. All the Works that you have filtered on will be included in the bulk update.

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