The Headline Metadata of a Work

On the Overview tab of your Works, you can specify headline metadata to identify your Work. In this article, we give a breakdown of the available fields and how to populate them.

Title – The title of the work.

Alternate Title – An alternative title is another name or spelling for one of your works; for example, Mad For You could also be Mad 4 U. Or the work may be translated in different languages, in which case you can also add a Language Code to your Alternate Title. Alternate titles are optional to add, but will be part of a CWR delivery & may help collection societies ensure they track as many uses of the work as possible.
Composer – The composers of the work. If this is left blank, it will be automatically populated by the Composers entered in the IP Chain.
Foreign ID - Here you can store an additional ID for your Work. As opposed to the work codes below, the Foreign ID will not be used to map income to this Work, and is solely used as a field to store an ID for your own reference.
Main Identifier – This is a unique code used to identify this specific work. You can enter your own unique identifier, use one provided by a 3rd party, or leave blank & use the ISWC or Tunecode field as the unique identifier.
ISWC – The ISWC (International Stand Work Code) is the publishing’s counterpart of the ISRC code & is a globally unique identifier that specifies a musical work. This code is provided by collection societies.
Tunecode – Tunecodes are unique identifiers used by the PRS & MCPS. If you are a member of these collection societies, they will provide Tunecodes for your Works.
Copyright Date - The original copyright date of the work. This data point is included in CWR files.
Label Copy - The ownership line of the work. Can be used to list publishers and collection societies, or listing the record label owners of any of the sound recordings. This data point is not included in CWR files.
Additionally, you can provide configurations for your Work that will be included in your CWR deliveries. These fields are optional to complete. A PRO will typically populate these fields by default if left blank.
Priority – This flags the Work as a priority in your CWR output.
Production Library – Mark if the Work is part of a production library & should be classified as such at your PRO.
Category – Specify if the work is pop, jazz, classical or undefined. These are four categories often used by PROs to categorise catalogue.
Language – The language of the lyrics in this Work.
Work Version – Specifies if this is an Original Work or a Modification.

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