Onboarding Your Metadata From Vistex's Music Maestro

When moving your data from Music Maestro to Curve, there are six essential files that hold data that you will want to onboard to Curve. The files in question, and how to retrieve them from Maestro, are listed below.

Catalogue Shipment – Reports > Export Custom Reports > Catalogue Shipment Excel Export
Rates Export – Reports > Client > Rates
Composers Export – Composer Manager > right-click Publish To Excel; then organise the columns into the correct sequence
Publishers Export – Publisher Manager > right-click Publish To Excel
Balances – These are exported from Data Gateway > Export > Client Balances > Search > right-click on the information that has appeared, then click Quick Export and choose the excel file
Territory Manager – Maintenance > Look up tables > Territory Manager

Our onboarding team has extensive experience in moving data from Music Maestro to Curve and will be able to advise on how to prep this data for ingestion into Curve.

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