Specify in Which Territories You Represent a Work

For each Work individually, you can specify in which territories you control its copyrights. This is helpful, as Curve will automatically exclude those Works from a CWR delivery that you don't actually represent in the delivery's covered territories.

Setting the Controlled Territories of Your Works

Via the Territories tab of your Work, you can select in which territories you represent this Work. It is important for this list to be set, since any Works without any controlled Territories will automatically be excluded from your CWR deliveries.

Additionally, you can also exclude certain territories at Composer and Publisher level. This allows you to exclude certain Territories from one given Composer/Publisher's rights, in case you control multiple Composers or Publishers on the same Work but in different groups of territories.

Narrowing Down the Territories in Your Delivery

This feature is available to Curve Pro clients as part of the Deliveries add-on ✪

Furthermore, via your Delivery Partner setup, the Territory field will affect your CWR creation in the following ways.

  • Only Works that are represented in this Territory (or Works represented in at least one of the Territories, if multiple Territories are selected in your Delivery) will be included in your CWR file.
  • In the CWR file, the controlled territories will be limited to those you specify on your Delivery Partner. So in the below example, even for Works that we represent outside of the UK, the controlled territory will be limited to UK, letting PRS know we only want them to collect royalties for this Work in the United Kingdom.
  • If multiple IP Chains are specified on your Work, we will include all IP Chains that cover at least one territory that is specified in your Delivery. This to enable you to provide collected or controlled shares that may differ per territory.

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