Bulk Deleting Assets on Curve

For many of your data assets in Curve, you will have the option to delete them en masse on the index page. For instance, if you click on the red Delete button in the top right corner of the Tracks page, you will have the option to delete Selected or Bulk.

Delete Selected

Choosing Selected will delete any assets that you have selected using the checkbox on the left side of the list.  

Delete Bulk

If you select "Bulk," Curve will prompt you to enter the Track ID's for the Tracks you would like to delete. These ID's can be found for any asset by exporting the assets you would like to delete using the Export button at the top of the list. The asset's ID will be found in the leftmost column of the export sheet. Exporting your Tracks and keeping the resulting export sheet before you delete them can be useful in case you delete something erroneously, as that data can be reimported directly to Curve in this format.

Once you have determined the ID's of the Tracks you would like to delete, enter them into the text box provided by Curve, one per line. Make sure you would like to delete each of these Tracks and make sure that you are using the correct ID, as this action cannot be reversed. Once you have entered all of the Track ID's, click the red Delete button and Curve will erase the tracks in question. It should be noted that Curve cannot delete any releases or tracks that have sales lines currently attached to them. In order to delete these assets, please see our documentation on Deleting Tracks or Releases that have Sales Attached.

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