Uploading Character Width Income Files

Generally, an income file's data is separated into columns by a delimiter such as a comma or a semicolon. Some publishing sources, however, create income files in a format that uses a fixed amount of characters per column. Curve can read these type of files, but requires a Template that specifies the number of characters per column.

Our Template Library covers hundreds of statement formats. Before you create your own Template, please review whether a Template has already been created for your Source.

To get started, go to your Income > Template page, hit the +create button in the top right of your screen and select From New.

You can complete the Template configuration as per usual, with the one difference that the File Type should be set to PRO. Once your configuration is complete, you can attach your example file to load the example lines. Scroll down, and you'll find the column width of your example lines can be set by providing the number of characters per column. Once complete, you can match the columns to the correct fields as per the usual Template configuration.

Your source should be able to provide you with instructions on the character width of each column.

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