Setting Aside Income That Isn't Yours

It may occur that some revenue finds its way into your income files that isn't actually yours to keep. In this instance, you may wish to set aside this income. Either by creating a unique Work for every composition that you receive income for that is not actually yours to keep. Or by creating one Dummy Work and assigning all this type of revenue to this one Work.

The benefit of such a Dummy Work is that it allows you to efficiently bring your income files down to zero invalid lines (rather than always leaving this income as unmatched and invalid). It's also an efficient way for you to keep track of the total income that is not actually yours to keep.

A Dummy Work can be created just like any other Work, as per the example below. We can ignore the IP Chain Validation warnings in this instance, since we would not intend to deliver this Work to any of the societies.

Furthermore, by creating a report that includes the Original Identifier, Original Work Title and Party 1 (Original refers to the data as read in the original income file, before it was mapped down and normalised by Curve); you can easily review which compositions the income comes from that was mapped to this Dummy Work.

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