How does Curve validate Payees, Contracts and Catalogue?

To successfully report royalties on Curve, it is important all Payees, Contracts and Catalogue are accurately created. We have now added validation rules that will instantly provide feedback when you save a Payee, Contract, Track or Release. For example, we may flag that your Track doesn't have a Contract assigned, or that your Contract doesn't have an Accounting Period Type specified.

When one of the Payees, Contracts or Catalogue items has an incomplete status; it will not stop your royalty processes from completing. It solely flags that some issues or inaccuracies may occur and gives you an opportunity to review and resolve topics that are flagged.

You are able to filter on all assets with an Incomplete status to quickly find which payees, contracts or catalogue need to be reviewed.

Once in the Payee, Contract or Catalogue; you can view why a particular asset may be marked as incomplete.

Below you can find a list with all validations that are currently active. Validations highlighted with a ✪ are only relevant on Curve Pro clients. It is worth noting that our validations have a limited scope, as certain scenarios may seem odd to one but standard to another. So it remains important to consistently review your Curve setup to guarantee the calculations will match your aimed outcome.

Payee Validations

  • At least one Contract is assigned to this Payee - When no Contract is assigned, no statements will be published in this Payee.
  • At least one User is linked to this Payee - When no User is assigned, no artists have access to this Payee to view the statements.
  • When Self-Billing Tax Rate provided, Self Billing should be enabled on all associated Contracts ✪ - Taxes are added via a Self-Billing Invoice, so a tax will only be reported when the linked Contracts have the Self Billing option enabled.
  • When WHT Rate provided, Deduct WHT enabled on all matched Contracts ✪ - When a WHT rate is provided on the Payee, this will only be deducted from an artist's balance when the Deduct WHT option is enabled on the Contract.
  • When Fees Tax Rate provided, Generate Fees Invoice enabled on all matched Contracts and Statement Design is set to Distribution ✪ - Taxes on Fees are only calculated when the Fees Invoice option is enabled on the Contract and will only appear when a Distribution statement design is selected. Important note, Distribution clients on Curve automatically have a Distribution statement design.

Contract Validations

  • Payee required - Only when a Contract is linked to a Payee, its statements will be visible in an artist portal.
  • Accounting Period Type required - Only when the Contract has an Accounting Period Type, it may be included in a Period.
  • Currency required ✪ - Curve needs to know in which currency the statement should be created.
  • Contracts needs to be active - If the Contract is inactive, it will not be included in a Period.
  • Deal type required - Curve needs to know whether the Contract is a Royalty or Profit Share deal.
  • Profit Share deals need a Profit Share % - When the deal type is set to Profit Share, Curve will need a Profit Share Percentage.
  • At least one sales term required - A contract needs a sales term in order for royalties to be calculated.
  • All sales terms need a royalty % - A sales term needs a royalty percentage in order for royalties to be calculated.
  • All sales terms need a calculation input type - A sales term needs a calculation input type in order for royalties to be calculated.
  • If calculation input type is (fixed) unit rate, a unit rate value is required - Unit Rate terms need a Unit Rate value.
  • If reserves are taken, then a reserve release schedule is required - If reserves are taken, they should also be released.
  • If reserves are taken, then the reserve release schedule should equal 100 - If the release schedule is more or less than 100, you risk releasing more or less reserves than were initially taken.
  • Channel/configuration/price category/cat groups in use in the terms need to exist in Settings - If a configuration is deleted in the settings, this can no longer be used in the Contract terms.
  • Mechanical Deduction terms need a currency - When deducting mechanicals, you need to specify in which currency these are to be deducted. For example, if you deduct mechanicals in a US stat rate, this unit rate is in USD.
  • If an escalation is based on a tracker, that tracker needs to be assigned to at least one term
  • Escalations need an escalation tracker
  • You can not cross contracts to a contract with a different accounting period type - We can only allow crossing Contracts that are included in the same Period.

Track Validations

  • An ISRC is required
  • A Title is required
  • A Contract needs to be linked - If no Contract is linked, no royalties will be reported.

Release Validations

  • A Cat No is required
  • A Title is required
  • A Contract needs to be linked - If no Contract is linked, no royalties will be reported.
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