Create Catalogue via DDEX Deliveries ✪

What Is DDEX?

As per - DDEX is a standards setting organisation focused on the creation of digital value chain standards to make the exchange of data and information across the music industry more efficient.

In other words, DDEX is a format used by all distributors and delivery platforms in the music industry to efficiently deliver sound recordings and their metadata to the DSPs (such as Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, ...). Similar to how your catalogue is delivered to these DSPs, you can also deliver the metadata to your Curve client.

What Will the DDEX Delivery Do?

A DDEX delivery will automatically create all of your Tracks and Releases in your Curve catalogue and populate the headline metadata. You will, however, still need to independently attach your Contracts to the Tracks & Releases.

How Can I Set Up a DDEX Integration?

This functionality is only available to labels & distributors that work directly with a delivery platform (eg AudioSalad, Fuga, CI, …).
If you are interested in delivering your catalogue to Curve via DDEX, we will need to set up an integration between your delivery platform and your Curve client for you. For more information on how to set up an integration like this, please reach out to your Client Manager.
Delivering catalogue to Curve via DDEX is available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the FTP Ingestion add-on ✪
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