Grouping Your Channels, Configurations, Cost Types or Sources ✪

In this article we will explain how you can use Contract Term Groups to group your Channels, Configurations, Cost Types or Sources. These Contract Term Groups can be a helpful tool in streamlining your Contracts' terms.

Similarly, you can also group your Territories by using Territory Groups.

Grouping your Channels, Configurations, Cost Types, Sources and Territories is available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the Term Groups add-on ✪

Creating Your Contract Term Groups

To get started, you can go to Settings > Contract Term Groups and hit the +Create button on the top right of your screen.

1. Name the group for your own reference. Make sure to name it so it is clear to you this is a group.

2. Specify which Type you are looking to group.

3. Add which Items you want to be part of this group.


Using Your Contract Term Groups

Once you have created your Contract Term Groups, these become available as part of your Contract Term conditions. This may help you in streamlining your Contract Terms.

In the below example, instead of having four separate Streaming terms, we can use our Contract Term Group to have one term that captures all Streaming revenue.

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