Creating a Self-Bill Invoice on Behalf of Your Artist ✪

When there are royalties due to your artist and you are ready to make a payment, you have the ability to automatically create an Invoice on behalf of your artist. We call this the Self-Bill Invoice. Self-Bill invoices can be created per Contract via the Generate Self-Billing Invoice checkbox. When enabling Self-Bill, we also recommend to enable the Auto-Payment functionality, in order for any royalty amounts that are being invoiced for will also be cleared from the artist's balance.

Self-Billing invoices are available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the Self-Billing add-on ✪

A Self-Bill Invoice will be created once the Contract's balance reaches the Minimum Payout. Both you and your artist will be able to download this Invoice for your own reference. If your artist is tax-registered, you have the ability to add a Tax % to the royalty. Below is an example of a Self-Bill Invoice created by Curve.

On a Distribution style client, Self-Billing and Fees Invoices will always be created, regardless of the Closing Balance or Min Payout value.

Please note, if Auto-Payment is disabled and a Self-Bill invoice amount is left unpaid, Curve will not include this amount again in the Self-Bill Invoice of your Contract's next statement. Instead, it will just create an additional invoice for any new royalties that were added to the Contract's balance. This does mean, if you are enabling Self-Bill on a Contract for the first time, and this Contract has an Opening Balance larger than the Minimum Payout, this Opening Balance will be excluded from the Self-Bill Invoice's amount, as Curve will assume the Opening Balance amount has been invoiced for prior.
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