Auto-Matching Contracts to a Label's Catalogue ✪

Do you need to account all the royalties of a particular label to a single Contract? This is a common scenario for distributors who account royalties to labels. In this scenario, you likely have one Contract per label, and need all the royalties of a label's catalogue to funnel to that one Contract. Our Contract's Labels tool can automatically attach a Contract to all the Tracks and Releases with a given Label value.

This feature is available to Curve Pro clients only as part of the FTP Ingestions add-on ✪

To make use of this tool, go to your Contract, and in the Label's area, specify all the label names that are in use in this label's catalogue. As per our below example, we are linking this Contract to the Label names  Curve Records and Curve Records Ltd.

This Contract can now automatically be attached to all Tracks or Releases with a matching label name via two potential triggers:

  • Flush Contract To Catalogue Button - By hitting this button, Curve will automatically attach this Contract to all the matching existing catalogue.
  • XML or DDEX Delivery - Any new catalogue delivered to your Curve client via DDEX will be scanned for matching Contracts. Please note, for this trigger to be active you will need to enable the "Match Contracts On Import" checkbox on your FTP Integration page in your Settings.

Curve will attach the matching Contracts with a Participation Rate of 100. Please note that the Label names need to be an exact match, with exact same spelling, in order for the Labels feature to be triggered.

In the below example, we can review how our Labels feature has automatically attached a Contract to our Track or Release based on a matching Label name.

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