The Headline Metadata of a Track

On the Overview tab of your Tracks, you can specify headline metadata to identify your Track. In this article, we give a breakdown of the available fields and how to populate them.

Title – Main title of the track.

Version – Specify the version if necessary (eg remix, remaster, bonus version, etc).

Artist – Primary artist as you wish to report in your statement data.

Foreign ID – Here you can add an alternative ID, which may be useful if you wish to integrate Curve with other database systems which may require their own unique ID.

ISRC – The unique identifier of your track. The International Standard Recording Code is a 12 digit alphanumeric code that is unique to every sound recording.

Label – The label that released the track.

P Line – Specifies the copyright of the sound recording, usually a combination of the name of the rightsholder & the year the work was first released.

Duration (In Seconds) – This is the duration of the sound recording & has to be in seconds (a mm:ss format in excel can be converted to seconds by multiplying the value by 86400). This duration is relevant for the calculation of mechanicals.

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