The Pro Rata From Tracks Feature

The Pro Rata From Tracks feature may save you a heap of time when assigning how revenue of Releases should flow to the Contracts. Instead of specifying for each Release individually which Contracts have a participation in the revenue or the costs, you can get Curve to pro rate any sales or costs across the Tracks.

Imagine a Release with two Tracks. Like A Prayer, for which all the revenue should go to the Contract Madonna. And Come Together, for which all the revenue should be split equally across the Contracts John Lennon and Paul McCartney. In the example of $100 in download revenue for this two-track Release, we can reason that $50 of the revenue is for Like A Prayer and should be funnelled to Madonna, and that the other $50 is for Come Together of which $25 should be funnelled to John Lennon and $25 should be funnelled to Paul McCartney. Instead of manually assigning these Contracts to the Release, we can use the Pro Rata From Tracks feature to automatically flush these from the Tracks to the Release.

In this process, Curve considers the shares of the Tracks on the Release, and the share of the Contracts on the Tracks. Therefore, before you use the Pro Rata From Tracks tool, it is required for the Release to have its Tracks attached, and subsequently for those Tracks to have their Contracts attached.

This process can be kicked off not just for an individual Release, but also for all Releases in your Catalogue. For this, you can use the Bulk Update tool on your Release page. When selecting Bulk Update > Pro Rata From Tracks, for all Releases filtered on your Release page, Curve will flush all the Contracts from your Tracks to the respective Releases.

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