The Headline Metadata of a Release

On the Overview tab of your Releases, you can specify headline metadata to identify your Release. In this article, we give a breakdown of the available fields and how to populate them.

Title – Main title of the Release

Version – The version, if any (eg Deluxe, Remastered, …)

Artist – The primary artist.

Foreign ID – Here you can add an alternative ID, which may be useful if you wish to integrate Curve with other database systems which may require their own unique ID.

Cat No –  Your assigned, unique, catalogue number. Catalogue Numbers & Barcodes must be unique for each Channel, ie you cannot use the same barcode on two digital configurations.

Barcode – Also known as UPC.

Label – The label on which this was released.

Release Date – Original release date.

Distribution Channel – The channel of your release, will most often be Physical or Digital. You can create further options via the Channel list in the Settings area.

Format – Your product format such as LP, CD, T-Shirt etc, … In the case of a Digital product, you can leave the format blank or give it a default value such as Download. Like Distribution Channels, you can add more formats to choose from in the Settings area: Configurations.

Price Category – You may have different royalty rates for releases classed as Budget or Mid. Use this setting to define your releases as such & then create royalty rates in the Contracts to which this release is attached.

Main Dealer Price – Also known as the PPD, this is the standard wholesale price of your product. This field must be completed when your royalty rates in related contracts use the PPD as the calculation input. The PPD value should always be set in your home currency. You can set a specific dealer price per Price Category or Territory in the Specific Dealer Prices area.

Adding Tracks to Your Release

Furthermore, you can specify which Tracks are part of this Release. This is required if you wish to use the Pro Rata From Contracts feature to flush Contracts from Tracks to Releases.

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