Catalogue Overwrite Sales

There are times when specifics are not reported, such as Formats on physical releases, or you need to inherit defaults from the catalogue, such as Price Categories. This is often due to the lack of data being supplied in the incoming data. Curve allows you to inherit these values from the catalogue, enabling you to complete these accurately, based on the release that you’re matching down to.

You have four options here

  • Overwrite Distribution Channels - The sales line will take the Channel as stored on the mapped Release
  • Overwrite Configurations - The sales line will take the Configuration as stored on the mapped Release
  • Overwrite Price Categories - The sales line will take the Price Category as stored on the mapped Release
  • Overwrite Track Price Category - When a Track is sold, the sales line will take the Price Category as stored on the mapped Release. This makes it possible for example to mark the sales line with a Compilation price category, even for Track sales.

The first three options will only apply on Release sales. When your template is picking up Track sales, then the channel/configuration/price category will be applied as per usual via the mapped sales data or template defaults. Only with the Overwrite Track Price Category option enabled will Curve look at the Price Category of the Mapped Release and assign this to the sales line, regardless of whether it's a Track or Release sale.

In our example below, our sales file does not provide us with the Configuration of the sale. Instead, this can be derived from the Cat No and the Release these sales eventually map to. Therefore, we enable the Overwrite Configuration option in our Template.

If a sale uploaded via this Template would map to the below Release, then the Configuration of that sale line would be set to LP. If the Format field of our Release is blank, the sales line would not have a Configuration and remain invalid.

Please note that, since a default Channel, Configuration and Price Category can only be set on Releases and not on Tracks, that this functionality will only function for Release sales and not Track sales.

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