Normalising the Spelling of Sources & Sub Sources

When uploading your sales data to Curve, we will store the Source and Sub Source of each individual sales line. This level of detail allows you to apply different royalty rates for sales coming from different sources, but is generally also an interesting variable for you and your artists to analyse in your Analytics.

It may occur that the Source data provided to you is not in a standardised format. Source data across different sales files may be provided to you in an inconsistent format (think YouTube vs Youtube vs YOUTUBE, for example). This will result in your revenue from one source to be scattered across different Sources in your Analytics on Curve. To provide clear, concise and accurate analytics, we recommend you normalising your Sources on Curve.

Finding Your List of Existing Sources & Sub Sources

To find a list of Sources and Sub Sources you have currently stored on your database, you can run a Report. To do so, go to Data > Reports and create a new Report by hitting the +Create button on the top right of your page. Your list of Sources can help you pinpoint if you have stored any revenue against Sources with an incorrect spelling. Via the Export button on the top right of your Report, you will be able to export this data in an Excel sheet.

Updating the Existing Sales Lines on Your Database

If you spot any Sources with an inconsistent spelling, you can simply update any sales lines mapped to this Source via the Sales DB page. Simply filter on all the sales lines mapped to that Source, hit Edit Filtered, and update the Source of all these sales lines in one go to your Source with preferred spelling. In the below example, we are updating all sales lines mapped to the Source Itunes, and update their source to iTunes. Please make sure to review your Sources ahead of processing your statements, to guarantee the correct Sources are stored in your artist's statements and analytics.

When using the Edit Filtered tool, please make sure you have filtered out just those sales lines that you wish to update. If you have loaded all of your sales lines on the Sales DB page, using the Edit Filtered tool will also update all of the sales lines on your database.

Automatically Update the Source Upon Ingestion

Updating sales lines that have historically been mapped to a Source with incorrect spelling is one way, but even better is to write a Mapping in your Template that automatically updates the spelling of a Source to the correct spelling at the time of ingestion.

Such a Mapping can be created on the Mapping tab of your Template. Via the Source area, you can specify which spellings you like to see updated. In the below example, whenever we upload a sales file with this Template that has a Source named Itunes, this will automatically be updated to a Source with spelling iTunes.

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