Creating a Backdated Statement for a New Contract

Which Contracts receive a royalty statement is decided the moment you create or reprocess your Period. All Contracts with a matching Accounting Period Type will be included in your Period. It may occur, however, that after you have closed your Period, you find out an additional or new Contract still needs a statement created. In this scenario, you can opt to add this Contract to your Period via the +Create Statement button on the Statement tab of your Period. A statement will be created for your Contract as if it was included the moment you created the Period.

In the below example, we have finalised our 2020H2 Period but found out we still need to account royalties to an additional Producer Contract. We can just set up our Contract as we would do usually, then use the +Create Statement button in our Period to create a statement for our Contract as if it was included the moment we created the Period.

If you need to backdate multiple historic statements for your Contract, make sure to drop the Contract into your Periods in a chronological order and only once the earlier statement has finished processing. This to guarantee the Opening Balance of one statement follows nicely on the Closing Balance of the earlier statement.
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