Importing Catalogue in a CWR format

How to export your catalogue in CWR format is touched upon in the Deliveries topic. But it is also possible for publishers to import catalogue in CWR format onto Curve. This is a useful feature if you sub-publish catalogue that is delivered to you in this format. To get started, head to the Imports page under the Settings directory and create a new import via the +Create button at the top right of your screen.


Here you can specify the name of this delivery for your own reference, next select CWR in the From System menu and then enter who sent this catalogue to you.

The Transferring Party is important to complete, since whenever you import a CWR file from the same Transferring Party, Curve will use the Work Identifiers specified in the CWR file as a reference to found out whether you are trying to create new Works or adjust existing Works.


Here you attach the CWR file.


If any values are found that are unknown to the Curve royalty system, you will be asked to map these here. If there are no unknown values, this step will automatically be skipped.


Here you have multiple options to customise your data upon import.

Use Identifiers as Main Identifier – You can opt to use the identifiers specified in the CWR file as your Main Identifier. This is useful when you are importing your own catalogue, but generally not recommended when you are being sent a catalogue by a 3rd party publisher.

Insert to IP Chain – You can insert yourself at the top of the controlled IP Chains of all Works as an Admin or Sub-Publisher, for the IP Chains to automatically reflect correctly the rights you represent. It will only add you to the top of the IP Chain of controlled shares and automatically take over the collected performance & collected mechanical rate from the Original Publisher.

You can leave this option blank if the CWR holds the IP Chains in the exact way that you want these IP Chains on Curve. But it’s a great tool to instantly add yourself as the Sub-Publisher or Admin at the top of the IP Chain for catalogue sent to you by 3rd party publishers that you represent.

Default Contracts – You can select one or more Contracts to be automatically attached to every single work imported via this CWR. This is a great tool when you are sent data by a 3rd party publisher that you sub-publish, since you can instantly tell Curve that all revenue for these Works should go to that particular publisher.

Catalogue Groups – Here you can attach one or more Catalogue Groups to all Works created via the CWR import. This may help you organise your data. Catalogue Groups can be created via your Settings.

Ingestion Territory - The ownership and collection shares of a work may differentiate across different territories. By setting the Ingestion Territory, you tell Curve which territory to use as a reference to set the IP Chain of the Works. If you are importing a catalogue that you only sub-publish in a particular territory, then you will need to set this territory as your Ingestion Territory.

Territories – Here you will need to specify in which territories you will represent the Works that are included in this CWR file.

Once your import is complete, all Works created via the CWR Import can still be adjusted as usual. So if you are in doubt, you may leave this step blank and adjust the IP Chains / attached Contracts / attached Catalogue Groups / Territories at a later point.


Hitting the Ingest button will import all Works. You will receive an email confirmation once all Works have been created.

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