The Mapping Manager

The Mapping Manager is a tool used to create associations between unrecognized values contained in your income data and the values you have already established in Curve. The Mapping Manager has different pages for Setup information, Sales and Transaction Dates, Channels, Configurations, Territories, Exchange Rates and Sub Sources. Using the Mapping Manager, you can quickly and effectively ensure that any unrecognized data in your income files is being associated with the correct values in Curve and that you have zero invalid lines in your income files. You can access the Mapping Manager by clicking on any New income file or a sales file with invalid lines that have values to be mapped.

The Setup page of the Mapping Manager allows you to edit the income file's name, target period, invoice number, source and the template used to ingest the sales file. On the Dates tab, you can set the Sale Date and Transaction Date for every line in the file if they were not included in the data itself. On the Exchange Rates tab, you can specify exchange rates for income files that are accounted in one of more currencies that are not established as your home currency. For any unrecognised Channels, Configurations or Territories; Curve will prompt you the match the unrecognised value on the right with the values already established in Curve via the drop-down menus on the left. Furthermore, you have the option to normalise your Sub Sources data by updating the Sub Source name or spelling. You can also map Works - more on that further down in this article.

Once you have worked through the values in each tab, hit the Revalidate button on the final tab. When revalidating a file, Curve will remap all the lines that were previously invalid.

Links made here are remembered by Curve so when you upload data containing the same values in the future, they will automatically map it to the correct value in Curve. Once all the unknown values are mapped the Mapping Manager will no longer appear when view the sales file. Any mappings you create here can be seen and edited on the Mappings tab of your Template.

You can close the Mapping Manager at any time by clicking Cancel, though if you do so, any lines containing unknown values you have not mapped will remain invalid and not be included in any royalty runs you include the file in.

Mapping your Works in the Mapping Manager

You can map your Works in the Mapping Manager on the Works tab. This tab displays the Work Title, Source, Parties (Composers and/or Publishers) and the template source's Tunecode or Society Identifier. You can search for the Work in the search bar and map the Work there. If the Word doesn't exist in your catalogue but should exist, you can use the +Create button to create a new Work in your catalogue using the values from the Income File. A new modal screen will open, where you can also link a Contract to the Work.

You can Bulk Create new Works by using the +Bulk Create button, which will create new Works for All or Selected Works from the list in the Mapping Manager. Please note, you will not be able to add Contracts to these Works from the Mapping Manager so you will need to add these to the Works later.

Additionally, you can also map Works across all income files on the Unmapped page. On this page, we automatically summarise all the Society Identifiers that should still be mapped, along with the total unmapped value of that identifier to help you prioritise those identifiers with the highest value. More information on this Unmapped page can be found here.

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