Adding Publisher Agreement Numbers for Your CWR Deliveries

Certain societies, such as PRS, require you to provide agreement numbers between yourself as a Publisher and the Composers or Publishers (if you sub-publish or administrate other publishers) that you directly represent. These agreement numbers can be added to the respective Composers or Publishers on Curve, and will automatically be included in your CWR deliveries sent to the respective societies.


Add the Agreement Number to the Composer or Publisher that you represent

To get started, go to your Catalogue > Composers (if you wish to add the agreement number to a Composer that you control) or Catalogue > Publishers respectively (if you wish to add the agreement number to a Publisher that you sub-publish or administrate).

Via the Publisher Agreement area of your Composer/Publisher, you can specify the below variables:

  • Publisher - Which Publisher does this Composer/Publisher have an agreement with? This would be one of your own controlled Publisher entities.
  • Agreement Type - Do you represent this Composer/Publisher's entire catalogue (Original General)? Or just specific Works from their catalogue (Original Specific)?
  • Territory - In which territories do you represent this Composer/Publisher?
  • Society - With which society is this agreement number registered?
  • Agreement No - The agreement number in question. This is the number you would have registered with the society.


Select this Society in your CWR Delivery

Once your agreement numbers have been set up, these will automatically be included in your CWR file when the Receiving Party in your Delivery matches the Society in the agreement number setup.

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