Deleting Works With Income Attached

Occasionally, you may want to delete a Work from your catalogue. This is easily done using our Delete Selected or Delete Bulk functionality. However, Curve will prevent you from deleting Works that have income lines attached to it. In such a scenario, you will need to first reassign those income lines to a new Work in order to delete it.

Via the Income DB page we can search for any income lines that have been attached to a specific Work by using the Work filter. Once we are confident that we are only filtering on income attached to the Work we want to delete, we can use the "Edit Filtered" button to edit all of the sales lines at once. We can change the Work ID of these income lines to that of the new Work to which we would like to reassign this income.

Once we have reassigned our income, and no more income is attached to our initial Work, we are now enabled to delete our Work as per usual.

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