Viewing the Total Payments Due and the Remaining Outstanding Balances

Once you have finalised your Period, you may naturally wish to review the payment amounts that are due to your artists, and review the total of the remaining unpaid balances (due to an unrecouped advance, or the balance not hitting the minimum payout).

The most efficient way to find this information is to export a statement summary export. This export can be found by going into your Period, heading to the Statements tab and hitting the Export button.

If you have enabled Auto-Payments on your Contracts, the Auto Payment column will tell you the amounts that are due to be paid to your artists. It is important that you pay these amounts, as they are automatically deducted from your artist's balances. The Closing Balance column will tell you the remaining amounts that are due to or to be recouped from your artists.

If you require your artists to invoice you, and you have disabled Auto-Payments, then the Closing Balance column specifies the amount invoiceable by your artist. Once you make a payment, you need to make sure this is reflected on the artist's balance as a transaction.

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