Resolving Unreported Sales & Unreported Costs

When creating statements, it may be that some sales or costs included in your Period are not reported to a statement. This may be due to an incomplete setup resulting in Curve not having all the right variables to be able to assign a sale or cost.

With each Period, Curve will flag these unreported sales in the Unreported Sales CSV , as well as via the Fixed Report for the Unreported Sales The main difference between these two options is that the Unreported Sales CSV will highlight sales lines that weren't reported to any contract whatsoever, while the Fixed Report for the Unreported Sales will point out any unreported sales lines to at least one contract, even if that same sales line was successfully reported to one or more Contracts (ie the case where more than one Contract is liked to a Track, and the sales line hasn't been successfully reported to all of them). We'd advice to always consult both reports for greater detail.

Likewise, the unreported costs will be flagged with you in the Unreported Costs CSV.

  • To download your Unreported CSV, please go to your Period, hit the Download button on the top right of your screen and select either the Unreported Sales or Unreported Costs CSV.

  • To download your Fixed Report for the Unreported Sales, please go to Data > Reports and hit the +Create button at the top right of the screen. Then you'd need to select the Fixed Report format.

There are four possible scenarios why a sales or cost line ends up Unreported.

  1. The Track or Release has no participating Contract attached.
  2. The participating Contract is not active.
  3. The participating Contract does not have a sales term or cost term that encompasses this sales line or cost. For example, if a Contract only has terms that specify a royalty rate for physical sales lines, the digital sales lines would be ignored and end up in the unreported sales file.
  4. The calculation input field is blank. Eg a royalty should be calculated on the PPD but no PPD value was selected for the Release, or no value was stored in the Gross Amount, Per Unit Rate or Retail Price field for Gross Receipts, Unit Price or Retail Price terms respectively.

After you located and tackled the issues, you can reprocess your Period or applicable Statements individually for these Unreported sales lines to feed through. As the Unreported Sales file updates, your goal should be to bring the number of lines in this report down to zero.

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