How to Create Costs

Here we learn how to add expenses that are to be recouped from your artists’ royalties. Please watch our introduction video to Costs below. We provide notes further down the article.

How to Create Costs

If there are any expenses that you wish to recoup from your artist's royalties, you can add these expenses to Curve as a Cost. You can either create a cost individually (1) via the user interface, or (2) you can create costs in bulk by importing them using or Cost template.

Please note that Advances, Payments or Adjustments should be created as a Transaction on the Contract.

Creating a Cost via the Interface

To get started, go to the Costs page in your Sales directory and hit the +Create button on the top right of your Costs page.

Name your Cost – For your and your artist’s reference, provide a clear name.
Specify the Amount – Specify the original cost amount.
Specify the Currency ✪ – Specify the Cost currency. An Exchange Rate is applied to the Cost if the Contract it is mapped to has a different Currency than the Cost itself (only available on Curve Pro).
Specify the Date – The day you paid for this cost.
Specify the Type – Select the Cost Type that best describes your cost. The list of types you can choose from is customisable via your General Settings. More info
Specify the Territory – In which territory did you make this cost?
Specify the Target Period – In which Period would you like this Cost to be recouped? The Target Period is optional to complete but recommended for your own convenience. You can name this freely, but make sure to pick a consistent format and stick to it. More info
Provide an Invoice Number, a Description & attach a PDF invoice (Optional) – You can provide this for your own reference.
Map your Cost to a Contract or Catalogue – Specify who you want this cost to be recouped from. You can map your Cost directly to a Contract. Or you can map it to a Track or Release, in which case the Cost will be recouped from the Cost Contracts attached to the Track or Release respectively, proportionally to their cost participation rate.

Don’t forget to make sure the Contract you are aiming to recoup your cost from has a Cost term specified, as this tells Curve whether this Cost should be recouped fully or partially from the artist share.

Creating a Cost via the Excel Templates

Alternatively to creating Costs via the interface, you can also import costs in bulk using our Cost template. Once you've added your costs to our Excel template, you can import these to Curve using the Import button on the top right of your Costs page.

If you followed all steps in our Getting Started Guide, you're now ready to bring everything together and create artist statements in your first Period.
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