Customising Your Statement Design

When sending royalty statements, the artist will be able to access a PDF statement and a CSV statement that break down their earnings. There are multiple ways in which you can customise the PDF statement design, which we will discuss in this article.

To get started, you can go to Settings > General > Statement Design.


Choose Your Preferred Statement Design

You have six different designs to choose from, two main designs & three variants of each. Plus one bonus “Distribution” design.

Standard vs Combined

The Standard design creates a PDF Statement which specifies the total royalties earned within the respective royalty Period. Additionally, Curve will also create a separate Statement Of Account, which specifies the Opening Balance and any payments or advances that may affect the royalty due. The Closing Balance on the Statement Of Account defines the royalty amount due to the artist.

The Combined design combines the PDF Statement and Statement Of Account into one PDF. When going for the Combined statement design, you may opt to enable the Suppress Statement Of Account option in your Settings, since the transactions and closing balance will already be specified on your main PDF statement.

When choosing a Standard - Catalogue Summary or Combined - Catalogue Summary design; Curve will add two additional pages to the PDF Statement which break down the earnings by Top Releases, Top Tracks, Top Territories, Top Sources and Top Sub Sources.

When choosing a Standard - Extended or Combined - Extended design; on top of adding the Catalogue Summaries it will also add a breakdown of every sales line on the PDF. Just be aware, the complete sales & costs data are already included in the CSVs regardless, and these PDFs will take longer to generate and so will extend the amount of time taken to produce your statements. So an extended statement design is not per se required or the best option, even if you want to be thorough and transparent towards your artists.

Bonus: Distribution Statement Design

A Distribution design is a variation of the Standard Simple design which displays the commission taken & taxes as a Transaction on the Statement Of Account.

Please note on the Statement Of Account in our example below, the revenue is now split in a separate Sales and Distribution Fee transaction.


Customise Your Chosen Statement Design

Now that you have chosen your preferred statement design, you can further customise the appearance of these statements. Via the Statement Design tab of your General Settings still, you can add a Logo, a Custom Text for your PDF Statement or Statement Of Account, and a Support Email. Also the Company Name and Address will be taken from the Overview tab of your General Settings.

The custom text may hold useful information such as the minimum payment threshold, whether the artist should invoice you, or when they can expect to get paid.

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