How to Provide Writers Access & Send Statements

Now that your statements are ready, you will want to send them to your artists. In the final chapter of our Getting Started Guide, we will display how to grant your artists access to their own artist portal on Curve, and how to notify them their statements are ready.

Customise your invitation & statement email’s custom text – You may have done so already when customising your Settings, but please make sure to set a custom text for your invitation & statement emails. These custom texts may hold answers to frequently asked questions such as when your artist will get paid or who they should send an invoice to. More info
Create a User for your songwriter – You can grant your songwriter access to their personal Curve portal by creating a User. Users can be created via the Users page, either via the interface by hitting the +Create button, or in bulk by uploading a completed User.xlsx template via the Import button on the top right of your screen. By adding the User to a Payee, this user will only gain access to the statements published in that particular payee’s portal. More info

Once the User is created, Curve will instantly send an invitation email, allowing your artist to activate their account, set a password & view their statements.
Publish the Statements – Back in your Period, via the Statements tab, you can publish the statements. This will make the statements accessible in the artist portal.
Send the Statements – This will send an email to every User, informing them that their new statement is ready & accessible via their artist portal. Please keep in mind that you'd need to publish the statement in order to be able to send it out

Add Payments to your Contracts – Any royalty payments that you make to your artists will also need to be reflected in the artist’s contract balance on Curve. To do so, a negative Transaction needs to be created on the Contract. You can either create payments via the interface on the Transactions tab of your Contracts or in bulk via the Transactions excel template. For Contracts with Auto-Payments enabled, a transaction will automatically be added where the Closing Balance hits the minimum payout. An export of all the Contracts’ closing balances, and a list of all the Auto-Payments created by Curve this Period, can be found via the Export button in the Statement tab of the Period.
This is the final step of your royalty accounting process! We hope you found this guide helpful in getting you started with Curve. If you have any further questions or feedback, please do get in touch with our support team.
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