When You Should Not Reingest Partially or Fully Reported Sales Files

You may have noticed, once you include your sales files in a Period and the data has been reported in a statement, the status of your sales file is updated to Fully or Partially Reported.

A Fully Reported status means all the sales lines in this sales file have been reported in a statement. A Partially Reported status means some but not all of the sales lines in this sales file have been reported in a statement. If a sales file is Partially Reported, you can review which sales lines are currently still Unreported by exporting the lines and looking at the Reported Period ID column. This column indicates in which Period a line has been reported. If this column is blank, it means the sales line is Unreported. This article in our documentation may help you review why not all of your income lines have a Fully Reported status.

Curve essentially remembers which Contracts a given sales line has been reported to. This is an excellent failsafe, because it prevents you from reporting the same sales line to the same Contract more than once. Even if you were to include a given sales file in two consecutive Periods, the s sales lines may only report to those Contracts it had not reported to before. Sales lines that were reported to their Contracts in the initial Period would simply be ignored in this second Period. That is the power of the Reported status of your sales lines.

Bring in a second powerful functionality of Curve; reingesting your sales files. When a sales file is reingested, Curve essentially reuploads the entire sales file from scratch. In this process, we lose the reported status of any of the sales lines included. Reported income files should therefore never be reingested (unless you are reviewing your Period and intending to reprocess the entire Period at one point, which would again reinstate the reported status of the included sales files). Instead, we advise you to Revalidate or manually adjust your Income files instead.

Furthermore, we recommend Locking your finalised Periods, as this will consequently lock your included income files and prevent you from accidentally reingesting these.

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