Resolving Invalid Lines

When you ingest an income file, any required fields that contain unrecognized data or blank data will result in an invalid income line. Generally, these can be resolved by working through the Mapping Manager when opening the income file and correctly mapping any unrecognized data with values already established in Curve.


Complete the Mapping Manager

If you have invalid lines, the first point of action is to fully complete the Mapping Manager and revalidate your income file.


Complete the Unmapped Page

If you have any Invalid lines after completing your Mapping Manager still, these are likely due to unrecognised Identifiers in the income file, resulting in Curve not know which Works to map this revenue to. To resolve these, please head over to your Income > Unmapped

page. Here you can map these Identifiers to the correct Work in your catalogue. Curve will store these identifiers as an Alias on your Work, making sure all revenue for this Identifier in this file and all other incoming files from this Source moving forward will be mapped to the correct Work in your catalogue. More info

Once you have mapped the unknown identifiers, you can revalidate your income file for the remaining invalid lines to be resolved.


View the Remaining Invalid Lines

If a certain field is blank however, there is no data for Curve to display as a reference in the Mapping Manager. In this instance, even after you have completed your Mapping Manager, it may be that there are still invalid lines in your income file.

To determine what is making the income line invalid, go to the income file's page and use the filters to filter for incomplete lines. The field that is causing the line to be invalid will be highlighted in red.


Update Your Template to Resolve the Cause of the Issue

After you have reviewed what is causing your income line to be invalid, you can update your Template to guarantee the issue is resolved upon reingestion of your sales file. How to adjust your Template will depend on the cause of the issue. In the above example, we are not picking up any Territory data for our income lines. Perhaps this was just a case of us forgetting to map the column in our sales file that specifies the territory information to our Territory field. Or perhaps no Territory information is given in the sales file, in which case we can set the Territory Default Field to World. You may also need to use Calculations to guide Curve to read certain data elsewhere under specific conditions. A common example is a Total row at the bottom of your statement being picked up by Curve; you can tell Curve to ignore this row upon ingestion by setting a Skip Row calculation in your Template.

Once you have updated your Template, you can reingest your sales file for these changes to be reflected.


Solution of Last Resort: Manually Adjust Income Lines

It is best practice to resolve all of your remaining income lines by adjusting your Template. This does not just guarantee the issue is resolved for this particular income, but also for all future income files uploaded via this Template moving forward. As a matter of last resort, however, you do also have the ability to manually adjust income lines. To do so, you can use the  Edit Selected, Edit Filtered or Delete Selected buttons on your income file page. Once you have manually resolved the income lines, make sure to Revalidate your sales file to update the invalid status of these income lines.

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