Changelog - What's new in Curve's Publishing Platform?

Wonder what's new in Curve? This article is continuously and chronologically updated with new functionalities that have been added to Curve's publishing platform.

Fixed Reports for Unreported Sales ✪ (November 2023)

We have now rolled out a new feature named Fixed Reports. This tool will enable you to run reports in a standardised format designed by Curve. The first Report available in this tool, provides greater detail on unreported income per Contract. Using our Fixed Reports for Unreported Sales, you will be able to review any unreported sales lines per Contract within a period, even if that same sales line was successfully reported to one or more Contracts.

For more info on this new functionality, please visit: How To Create Reports

Our New Mobile App Is Now Live (September 2023)

We are excited to announce our first mobile app, which is now available for Curve Payees as a mobile option to review and download statements. This app enables Writers to access their statements and headline analytics on the go. All information will still be accessible on the portal, the app simply provides an alternative way to retrieve statement information. This is available to all Payees and the download links for the app (Android and Apple) will be added to all statement emails. 

Normalising the Spelling of Sources (September 2023)

Our latest update on a Template level allows you to add Source Mappings and adjust the name or spelling of any of these Sources according to your preference. To provide clear, concise and accurate analytics, we recommend you normalising your Sources on Curve.

Create Catalogue Through Spotify Search (September 2023)

You can now easily link Tracks to your Works by downloading the Recording's metadata from Spotify without having to create it from scratch. This option can be extremely helpful when registering your Catalogue to societies around the world, as providing ISRC numbers as part of your deliveries will help societies to map the statements they receive from DSPs with the correct Works in their database. This will guarantee you that any online revenue flows correctly, instead of having to rely on labels to provide this metadata

For more info on this new functionality, please visit: Creating Catalogue Through Spotify Search

EU Decimal Format in Reports (August 2023)

It’s now possible to download our CSV reports in the European number format that uses period (.) as the thousand separator and comma (,) as the decimal separator. It was previously only available to download the custom CSV reports in the standard UK/US format. With the new changes now fully applicable, one has now the option to download a Curve CSV Report in either formats (ie $/£123.00 or €123,00) without having to face the hassle of manipulating the CSV file in order to open it and read the amounts correctly!

Automated Scheduled Work Deliveries ✪ (August 2023)

More control, less time spent: our new Scheduled Deliveries will allow you to set up scheduled deliveries to send your Works to societies/partners automatically. Works are given a status which will mark them as ready to be delivered, on hold (etc) to set them up for delivery. You can also assign individual statuses per society/partner per Work: a Work might need to be sent to one partner but not to all partners, which you can control on a Work level easily!

Changes to Delivery Partners ✪ (August 2023)

We now store more information on Delivery Partners, which in turn automatically populates when you’re creating Deliveries so you don’t have to enter the same information every time. We also allow a more elegant set-up for partners like ICE and Musicmark: you can link the individual societies you’re delivering to via ICE/Musicmark as subpartners.

Review your catalogue’s Delivery statuses in one view ✪ (August 2023)

Our new Delivery Statuses page will allow you to see all Delivery statuses for any given society/partner: work on your Rejected Works across different ACK files, all on one page. Use this page as a ‘to do list’ to solve your Rejections, and as an overview page to get a better view of the registration status of your catalogue at any given society/partner

Set status for Deliveries on a Work and Partner level ✪ (August 2023)

You can now set statuses on a Work that will allow the Work to be included or excluded from Deliveries. You can do this on an overall Work level, but also on a partner level. This feature gives you greater control over which Works get sent to which partner, without having to filter those Works out manually.

Unmapped Page Improvements (August 2023)

We have rolled out some improvements to the Unmapped Page, improving the interface to give you fewer lines to map by rolling them up more, and by showing the monetary value per line so you can prioritise your mapping process accordingly.

Mapping Works from the Mapping Manager (August 2023)

You are now able to map Works directly from the Mapping Manager on an Income File. This means you can make all necessary mappings to clear your Invalid Lines straight from the Mapping Manager!

Update Contract Opening Balances (June 2023)

We know you're going to like this update, because it has been requested a lot: you can now update Contract Opening Balances even after a statement has been generated for the Contract. Until now, it wasn't possible to update a Contract's opening balance after a statement had been generated for the Contract. We now allow Users to update the Opening Balance for a Contract, though this should only be done if the intention is to reprocess the statement(s) for the Contract after making the change. This will enable users to accurately reflect the opening balance on the statement, even if it was initially missed. Please note you can only update these manually, not in bulk.

Bulk delete manually generated Transactions (June 2023)

It's now possible for Users to delete manually generated Transactions in bulk. We previously only allowed Transactions to be deleted from within the Transaction itself, so this new feature will be a big time saver if you've accidentally imported a whole bunch of incorrect Transactions. You can delete these Transactions in bulk by using the Delete > Transactions button on the Contracts page. You will need to input the Transaction ID, which you can find by Exporting the Transactions first. Please note you can't delete Transactions created by the platform as a result of Statement generation.

Bulk import Channels, Configurations, Catalogue Groups, Sources, Payee Categories and Contract Categories (June 2023)

You will now be able to bulk import all the above fields in your Settings > General > Configuration area by using our newly added Import button. To do so, click the Import button and select the type of data you want to import. You can add a list of the values you want to import, making sure to list one value per row. Importing has never been so easy!

Automatically Include Track Titles as Alternate Titles in CWR ✪ (June 2023)

We've made some updates to the Track information we bring into CWR files for linked Tracks . When a Track is linked to a Work, we bring the Track Title, Track Artist, Track ISRC, Track Duration, Track Label (new feature) and Release Label (new feature) into the CWR file. We also store the Track Titles as Alternative Titles in the CWR, so all the different titles get registered to your Work. The more data the better!

Ability to import Maestro 400 Catalog Shipment files (June 2023)

We already had an importer for the Counterpoint Excel files, but we now also have one for Maestro 400 .cs files. The new import tool can be used to create your catalogue from these files in a few simple steps. Our updated documentation will explain how!

New Work Validation Rules (May 2023)

We always strive to ensure your dataset is accurate. On a Work level we use industry-wide validation rules to make sure your IP Chains are logical and correct. We have recently added five new rules to Work validations:

  1. Original Publisher/Sub-publisher/Admin cannot collect more than 50% of performance
  2. A controlled composer needs to be represented by a controlled publisher
  3. Owned mechanical/performance for Admins or Sub-Publishers should always be zero. Owned Shares cannot be assigned to Admin or Sub-Publishers
  4. An Original Publisher needs to have at least some owned shares
  5. Each controlled IP Chain needs to have an Original Publisher (for example: a Composer can't be published by an Admin, there needs to be an Original Publisher).

These validations are in line with collection society rules, and any previously delivered Works that didn't meet these rules would have been rejected. By adding these validations to the Works, we are now highlighting these issues before registration, making sure you send a valid dataset in your Work Deliveries and save time in the long run!

Instant validation of Payees and Contracts (September 2022)

To successfully report royalties on Curve, it is important all Payees and Contracts are accurately created. We have now added validation rules that will instantly provide feedback when you save a Payee or Contract. For example, we may flag that your Payee doesn't have a User assigned, or that your Contract doesn't have an Accounting Period Type specified.

When one of the Payees or Contracts has an incomplete status; it will not stop your royalty processes from completing. It solely flags that some issues or inaccuracies may occur and gives you an opportunity to review and resolve topics that are flagged.

Assign Linked Contracts to Works in Bulk (August 2022)

Using the Bulk Update tool on the Works page, you can automatically update a select or all works on your client and assign the Linked Contracts stored on Composer level. All the Works that you have filtered on will be included in the bulk update. More info

Delivery Profiles (April 2022)

You can now create Profiles which you can use to track which Works are to be included in an upcoming delivery. Furthermore you can include Works in bulk by copying their Curve Work IDs.

Deductions can now be calculated as a percentage of an absolute value (February 2022)

Before, Deduction terms on a Contract could only reduce the existing royalty by a certain percentage or a certain unit rate. For example, a $100 Net Amount with 50% royalty rate and 20% deduction would calculate as $100 x 0.5 x (1 - 0.8) = $40.

Now, Deduction can also be applied as a percentage of an absolute value, including the Net Amount, Gross Amount. So in this same example, we could now say that we wish to reduce our artist's $50 royalty with 20% of the Net Amount; so $100 x 0.5 - 0.2 x $100 = $30. Or perhaps reduce it with 20% of the Gross Amount; so $100 x 0.5 - 0.2 x $125 = $25.

For more info on this new functionality, please visit: Adding Deductions To Your Contracts.

Display Deductions in the PDF Statements (February 2022)

When you go to your Settings > General > Statement Design options, you will find the option to enable "  Display Separated Deductions". This will create a separate line in your PDF statements, highlighting any deductions taken. Via the Deduction Name field, you can specify how these deductions are named in your PDF statement.

For more info on this new functionality, please visit: Adding Deductions To Your Contracts.

Reprocessing a Period has become a lot more efficient (January 2022)

Previously, when reprocessing a Period, Curve would redo all the calculations for all the statements. With our new update, Curve tracks which changes have been made since the last time you processed your Period, and will only recalculate those statements that have been affected by your changes.

For more information on how the new Reprocessing function works, please visit: Reprocessing a Period

Controlled Territories can now be set at Composer and Publisher level (January 2022)

When registering your copyright with the societies via CWR, you could already specify in which Territories you wish to collect per Work. But now, we have also added this functionality to Publishers and Composers, allowing you to cover scenarios where you collect royalties for one controlled Composer but not another within a specific Territory for the same Work.

Songwriter's statements can now be transferred from the artist portal right into a calculation client (January 2022)

Statements that are created as part of a Period on Curve can now instantly be transferred into another Curve client that you have access to. So if you receive any statements via Curve and wish to report these on, you no longer have to download and reupload the csv files.

Cross-Contracts can now link two Contracts in different currencies (January 2022)

You can now connect two Contracts that are set in different currencies. Any transfers created will automatically be converted as per the exchange rate you have provided in your Period.

For more information on Cross-Contracts, please visit: Using Cross-Contracts to Transfer or Subtract Royalties

Works Are Automatically Validated For Delivery (September 2021)

The moment you create or adjust a Work, we will instantly validate whether your Work is fit for CWR delivery. We will check for common mistakes such as the total ownership in the IP not adding up to 100, or no controlled Territories being selected; and notify you on the spot. Works that are fit for delivery will get a green tick on your Works page, Works that are not will get a red cross instead.

Works that are not fit for delivery will automatically be excluded from your CWR deliveries, though this status will not impact the royalty accounting process. Income for Works that are unfit for CWR delivery will still report as per usual.

Curve to assign Main Identifiers to a new Work (November 2021)

You can choose to let Curve automatically assign a new unique Main Identifier with customisable prefix to your new Works.

For more information on this new functionality, please visit: Let Curve Automatically Assign Main Identifiers to New Works.

Tracks, Composers and Publishers can be created within a Work (September 2021)

When creating Works via the interface, you can now create new Tracks, Composers and Publishers right from within your Works page.

List of smaller updates (September 2021)

  • The total Owned Performance share of a Work is now displayed on the index Work page, this to help you review if an IP Chain is set correctly.
  • Foreign ID fields are added to Composers and Publishers.
  • Associated Tracks can now be created directly within a Work.
  • New Composers and Publishers can now be created directly within the IP Chain.
  • The Party ID (the work identifier used in CWR deliveries) is now visible in your Works.
  • You are now able to use Territory Groups to set the Territories in which you control a Work.
  • We have updated the Works excel template, to accommodate for the above changes. Furthermore, Contracts and Aliases are now displayed on a separate tab in a row format. And also the way IP Chains are built in the Work template has changed, and better reflects how its set in the interface. To get a good idea of the new format, we advise exporting some of your Works in this new template to see how your IP Chains are translated in this format.
  • We are now better displaying whether a Delivery has been delivered, even prior to an ACK being imported.
  • CWR files delivered via email are now available for longer than 24 hours.
  • Improved functionality to instantly redeliver those Works that had previously failed.
  • Via the index Work page, you can now instantly create a Delivery for the filtered Works.
  • We have added a Copy button to Deliveries.
  • We have added an Income Database page that allows you to query and adjust all your income lines from all your income files combined.

You have reached the end of our changelog. We started this log in September 2021.

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